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For more details please contact us at corpservices@searuza.com

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  • We look forward to serve you the best with our services.
  • Technology Consulting: are you looking for your web presence and shaping your
    Corpservices @ searuza.com
  • Data Management Services
    For High end servers to Server Management services, our expert consultants are here to assist you for the ever increasing demand for data & traffic. Our services include consulting services to manage huge bandwidth requirement that is spread across the cluster of
  • Data Management Services
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  • Contact Number
  • Corporate Communications : enterprise@searuza.com

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    +47 46638095
  • Home furnishing, Upholstery, Canvas, Garden Decore & Utilities

  • We support pre-product launching research & development of new concepts and ideas that our customers demand with diligence, and successfully lead its post finalization and bringing it to the manufacturing stable.
  • Indoor, outdoor & Garden Furnishings: Mr. B.R.Khatri
    Email: brkhatri @ bcozindia.com
  • Granites, Sand Stones & slabs and stone pillars:
    MR. H.S. Sankhla
    Email Id: hs.sankhla @ bcozindia.com